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How to make a website

Motivation to create a website

Different people will have different reason for creating a website. Some will require a personal website – just to have a minimal online presence. Others may need a live blog that will draw visitors due to the constantly refreshing and quality content. Some may need to start selling online. Yet, if we are talking about businesses – those may need to go for e-commerce site or in other words a website that sells products or services online. You can consider WillBeCoded as a dedicated website builder service which develops a perfect website for you.

Technology behind website creation

There are many ways to build a website. Most common websites are powered by CMS (content management system) like wordpress, joomla, magento and others. Such CMS can help you create new page and manage the websites content. With every year such CMS’s are getting more applications, modules and more options to fit am entry level to moderate level user. Such CRM’s have many strong points, yet few of the weak sides are: not 100% customizable, possible security issues. Other websites are custom-built. Those custom-built website are one of a kind and have a designated IT developer who coded the website. Such website are more expensive to maintain yet they offer you limitless possibilities considering you have an IT professional to address your every wish towards the website’s functional. Examples of such sites are: ebay, PayPal, Amazon and more! A third option would be going for a free service that creates your website based on the template you select. Such platforms are the least flexible and the most venerable.

Going Live and Where to Host

Make sure your website if fully operational and SEO ready before you upload it online. This is very important for e-commerce websites. Test everything before you go live. Make sure you have a US or Canadian based hosting. Make sure your hosting is fast, reliable and has 24/7 support. It is best to go for a dedicated SSD hosting if you are going for a serious business website. SSD dedicated or shared hosting, regardless of your choice will give you faster page load speeds and 4 times faster access to your Database.

Getting Relevant Visitors

If your goal is to get relevant visitors (true in 99% times) – then you should hire a Vancouver based top SEO Company – Please remember that relevant traffic is a key to successful online sales growth. In order to get such traffic to your website – you will need to optimize your website and a high authority websites linking to you based on your high quality content. This sounds simple but in reality is a very complicated and ongoing task. There are over 200 factors that Google considers when it ranks your website. It is always best to trust your website optimization and SEO to local professionals like

Selling online: Payment Integration

If you plan to sell online then you will need an online payment gateway to accept credit cards, paypal and other methods of payment. An easies option is paypal – if will enable you to accept both all major credit card and paypal. Other options are getting a merchant account and integrate it with payment gateways like and its partners. Again – there are countless option yet almost all of those will require you to have a professional IT programmer to integrate and automate such. Please feel free to contact us 24/7 if you have any additional questions or if you would like us to work on your online project. Thank you.
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