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Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful tool when it comes to driving relevant traffic to your website. Google organic search positions generate more traffic than AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or Craigslist.

WillBeCoded Calgary SEO: ↑300% Sales Boost!

SEO is the best tool to get your online sales soar! #1 organic search position in Google will get you twice as much sales as AdWords, Yahoo & Bing all togather. Search Engine Marketing will get you more online exposure, better search engine positions and as the result drive a lot of relevant traffic to your site. Almost 70% of all searches are done through Google, thus it is very important for us to provide high quality Calgary SEO services to our customers in order for them to fully succeed.
#1 Position = 33% of All Searchers!
When selecting a company that will promote your site online you must pay attention to the following factors: Is that company a Canadian based one?; Check their portfolio; Ask for already achieved SEO results to sample their work; Request a meeting with their manager or a phone call for a free consultation… Expert Search Engine Optimization in Calgary does not come cheap. Experts in this field are well paid as their efforts drive the most sales to you. Make sure you are being taken seriously and that you are not offered cheap SEO as it may negatively affect your website. WillBeCoded is Canada’s top quality SEO services provider. is a Local Calgary SEO Company

Low Quality SEO vs High Quality SEO

Not all Search Engine Marketing experts would offer you the same tools, strategies and techniques. Low quality and cheap SEO companies would offer you a very low monthly fee and a guarantee that you will reach the top in 6 months. Those are false promises as such companies are there to take your money only and in 6 months later - move on. Such low quality and cheap companies would use automated link placement tools that Google already knows of and considers Search Engine Manipulation. Google will ban / penalize your site for such backlinks and you will be out of business soon after. High quality SEO experts would offer you a clear plan of actions, would start from onsite optimization and finish with offsite optimization. Pay attention to the following: high quality Calgary SEO experts would first audit your site and check if it is not under any sanctions form Google. Expert company would offer you extensive free consultations and perform competitor research before starting promoting your site.

About our Process

Before signing a contract we would identify certain things. First of all, we need to know our customer’s goals. Once we know that - we will research customers’ site, its competitors, website authority, content and more. All that is done in order to identify the level of effort it will take us to reach those goals. Once we approximate the level of effort and time it will take us – we will generate a monthly labor cost as well as the desired SEO budget. Once our monthly price quote is approved we will start from onsite pages optimization, content rewriting, elements redesign, order process optimization and then move on to off-site optimization.

Our Clear Advantages

  • - Canadian, B.C. registered company
  • - Canadian based support and operation
  • - Over 7+ years in SEO industry
  • - Trusted by US and Canadian companies
  • - Clear terms of services
  • - Certified in AdWords & Google Analytics
  • - Retargeting and Remarketing Included

Our main goal is for our customers to reach top 3 Google positions for relevant keywords. On average it will take us around 6 months to achieve such goals. Our task is to promote your site with clear and organic methods that will not violate Google Webmaster’s policies. It is important for us to work with those clients who understand the true value of SEO services in Calgary and who are ready to be proactive and help us along the way. We work with US based companies who we promote in and we work with Canadian based companies who we promote in Google .ca

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Professional Search Engine Optimization will get you on top of Google’s Organic Search Positions. Up to 3 times as effective as Paid Search. SEO is by far, the most powerful tool to maximize your online sales!
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