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How to Promote a Dentist: Case Study by WBC

Dental office advertising is something which can benefit hugely from an online presence – particularly when it comes to online reviews. Dental health is something that everyone should be aware of, especially since it can affect so many other aspects of a person’s general health (and appearance). Dentists are something like doctors and lawyers in …

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AdWords Case Study: Family Law Advertising

Family law marketing can be difficult; there are so many different variables to consider when setting up advertising campaigns. Also, it can be difficult to know where to start. Nevertheless, it is crucial to claim about your family law practice on the internet. In this way, online marketing can solve a lot of problems (e.g. …

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How to Advertise a Personal Injury Law Firm Effectively: AdWords Case Study

Attracting personal injury clients (people who have suffered a physical or psychological injury through the action or inaction of another person or group) is something which lawyers can find problematic over the years, as there can be problems with gaining people’s trust for long enough to persuade them that legal advice is easy to gain …

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The Most Effective Online Advertising for Lawyers: AdWords, SEO, Yelp

Online advertising is becoming more and more popular as people turn to the digital world in increasing numbers for all their searching, shopping, and reviewing needs. When it comes to law firm advertising, having an online presence is something which is absolutely imperative if you want to be seen by potential clients. The competition between …

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How to Optimize for Keywords in 2017

2017 is showing a greater emphasis on keyword search optimization than ever before. The online presence of any business will benefit from SEO keyword optimization, as it will expand the ways in which that business presence is seen by others. SEO is something which is easy to grasp in its fundamentals, making it useful for …

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How to Optimize for Keywords in 2017