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Is PPC an Effective Tool for Brand Building?

Correlation between PPC and Brand Building There is a lot of evidence to suggest that branding – so long as it is consistent and well-thought out across the entire business structure, is something which truly works across the entire marketing spectrum. Brand indeed matters when it comes to everything about a business, from its reputation …

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How to Build Truthful Reviews About Your Company Online

The Issue of Truthfulness in Online Reviews There are several issues when it comes to online review management, which should really be covered here before anybody enters into the review game themselves. It is important to note that a customer review will differ from a business review, but both are equally significant to the ongoing …

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My Google Shopping Campaign Doesn’t Work: What to Do

Google shopping campaigns are powered by two separate platforms working together – AdWord and Google Merchant Centre. While the Merchant Centre is where everything comes together to form the campaign, AdWords is perhaps the most visible part of it. A Google AdWords Shopping campaign is where the advertising itself lives, along with the insights and …

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Google Shopping Campaign Doesn't Work

Top Strategies for Managing Online Reputation: What Will Work for Your Brand

What You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management Building a good online reputation management is an essential component of strategic management. The top priority of any company is to protect its brand image. A good brand name is achieved by years of hard work; however, losing the good name can happen within minutes in …

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PPC Automation – Does Your Business Still Need a PPC Agency?

Recent Changes in PPC Processes Companies rely a lot on PPC agencies when it comes to selling their products online. The world of technology has revealed a substantial upgrade and this means that PPC has experienced the same changes. It is now easier to create traffic in websites when advertising for products than it used …

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