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  • Creation of Effective Web Processes
  • Plug-ins Development Services
  • Node.JS API Development Services
  • Qualitative Data Handling

About Us

Our team is a combination of experienced individuals in providing high-quality NodeJS Development Services made for Real-Time Applications and Data-Intensive applications just like a stock sticker or a chat engine. WillBeCoded, as a NodeJS Development Company, provides these services.

Among the major characteristics of the NodeJS Framework is that it is real-time, high performance, and highly scalable. WillBeCoded offers great application development NodeJs services. In regard to this, our team turns out to be the best company in Canada and offers solutions based on Node Js development services.

NodeJS development is very efficient when it comes to issues related to offering solutions to building real-time systems and connection management. As a result, NodeJS development has been adopted in a lot of mobile Apps.

The platform has the best top features in the field hence a priority to most of the users.

NodeJs Development Canada

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a platform specifically created to allow for the creation of new servers and networking tools using various modules over and above the main JavaScript module – these include modules which are specifically to assist in the creation of file system I/O, networking (DNS, HTTP, TCP, TLS/SSL, or UDP), binary data (buffers), cryptography functions, data streams and other core functions.

NodeJS is something which can be used for both input-output operations such as throughput and scalability in the various internet applications which are run through it, as well as applications which are run in real-time. Its capabilities in this area are due to its particular architecture, which is fully capable of asynchronous I/O.

NodeJS allows for strictly event-driven programming to occur, which further allows faster servers to be developed. The entire process for developers is simplified to a great degree, using a version of event-driven programming as the means to accomplish this.

The Benefits of NodeJS

  1. 1. NodeJS is very flexible in its approach to application creation, leading to almost limitless potential in terms of how an application can be maintained and scaled within it. Applications can therefore be grown or shrunk depending on the needs of a business and the people running it.

  2. 2. NodeJS makes use of the V8 engine which Google developed specifically for use by Chrome, meaning that the platform is several times faster than any other platform with the same application abilities.

  3. 3. The use of web sockets in the platform means the easily accomplished creation of applications which function in real time.

  4. 4. Using the built-in event loop principle allows for the easy establishment of communication between clients and the servers they are using.
Services Offers as a NodeJS Development Company
  • Providing Node.JS API development services
  • Qualitative data handling in all levels of the development
  • Consolidation of Angular.JS development with various server side technologies like Node.JS, JSP/JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • Web or Mobile Application UI/UX Developer that uses Node.JS
  • Offering Plug-insDevelopment services
  • Doing Node.JS Development consultation and maintenance
  • Doing AJAX Development
  • Plain sailing for sharing packages of library code
More About Our NodeJS Development Services uses NodeJS to offer clients multiple services such as applications which are event driven and which have functional real-time business applications. For applications which run in real-time such as a chat function for salespeople to be able to connect directly with clients, NodeJS is the best option, as the build of the platform itself uses applications which allow it to run very quickly, and keep lines of communication open at all times.

As NodeJS development services, also offers the potential for customization on the NodeJS platform, using the unique V8 JavaScript properties of the platform to provide the means by which an application can be tweaked during the process of building it so that the application can run in real-time, be scaled to whatever size is required, and much more.


• The company ensures the creation of effective web processes using JavaScript

• WillBeCoded also designs and creates effective module-based system to its users

• Development of the latest portals and plug-ins to ensure that users are up to date with services

• Handling of a large amount of traffic on the website

Why Does Willbecoded Use NodeJS?

The NodeJS developer services at use NodeJS for the following reasons:

The platform uses JavaScript, which is an easy language to learn and use, thereby allowing more developers within to use it.

The tooling capabilities of NodeJS go far beyond any other platform, meaning the NodeJS developers never need to waste time trying to figure out which module goes where, and how to make it fit with other modules.

NodeJS uses I\O functioning for data streaming, rather than treating http requests and responses as whole data issues, allowing data streaming to happen much faster than with other platforms.

NodeJS Development Services in Canada
  • Consolidation of Angular.JS development with Node.JS, JAVA, PHP
  • Web Application UI/UX Developer
  • Mobile Application UI/UX Developer
  • Plug-ins Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Node.JS Development Consultation
  • Node.JS Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support
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