How to find a good Adwords manager for your project?

Advertising through Adwords is an extremely effective tool that can arrange a target audience and sales of your products or services almost instantly. Although, it`s not that easy. Adwords has a limited number of spots for PPC advertising in search engines and on collaborating websites as well. When we have dozens, sometimes hundreds of advertisers for one business niche, the auction gets overheated very often, and clicks reach to $20 and over for one visitor. With those prices advertising should be objectively aimed at your target audience, and clicks need to be of a maximum relevance. As a result, you`ll have high conversion from clicks and profitable sales of goods/services (ROI).

adwords manager

What Adwords PPC manager should know?

Any expert in managed PPC should:

  • 1. Be certificated in Google Adwords&Google Analytics. In that case he is likely to know of every possible Adwords tool to measure the effectiveness of PPC advertising companies.
  • 2. Have examples of successful PPC firms to follow, where context advertising brings benefit.
  • 3. Be able to track aims and conversions through Google Analytics.
  • Possess and use the instruments for competition analysis, for example або
  • Be able to do Split (A/B) testing of various pages on the site in order to generate the best conversion.
  • Identify an optimal budget for PPC campaign.

What should one consider while hiring PPC campaign manager?

  • 1. An expert has to develop a strategy of pushing your project up in search results, which needs to include the testing of different types of advertisements, advertising, page designs, etc.
  • 2. He needs to study everything about your target audience, as this will help him to build contextual advertising up to date. Also, remember to infrom him about your target audience.
  • 3. Has your future PPC ad manager taken part in similar advertising campaigns? For alike topics/sites?
  • 4. How the success of your PPC campaign will be measured? One needs to ask a professional.
  • 5. Is he able to predict the budget of your PPC campaign?

What a client of PPC manager should know?

  • 1. You need a constant access to your account.
  • 2. You should read a few articles about PPC advertising management to have a basic image of how this works.
  • 3. You need to have a monthly report on effectiveness of the job done inside your PPC campaign.
  • 4. Order a certified PPC professional for an account review from time to time, to be informed how you can possibly make the campaign better.

The most popular mistakes in PPC campaigns:

  • 1. There is no effectiveness track of PPC management firms. Often, big campaigns order services of contextual advertising without investigating earnings and breakage.
  • 2. Advertisements, keywords and banners don`t undergo testing.
  • 3. There is no A/B testing of a landing page.
  • 4. The track of conversion on the site is not customized.
  • 5. Focus on the wrong target audience.
  • 6. High stakes on transition.
  • 7. Advertisements take the client to 404 error page.
  • 8. The contact, order, application forms are inaccessible.
  • 9. PPC campaign manager does not access Adwords for weeks.
  • 10. All free of charge Adwords options are ignored.
  • 11. Landing pages are not optimized enough for PPC campaign keywords.