How WebDesign is Created

Webdesign is considered one of the most important stages in website development.
Here is a small glimpse of how we design our websites. All our latest designs are responsive.

WillBeCoded approaches responsive design “from big to small”: from PC version down to Tablet and finally cell phone friendly site appearance. The reason we go “from big to small” is because for most of our customers PC website version is naturally the most important. Such importance is being defined by 2 major factors: over 80% e-commerce visitors search from PC and land on PC website; such visitors have around 4 times as greater conversion rate as mobile site users (accurate for 2015).

Considering all the factors mentioned above – we have to devote an extra attention to the PC version of webdesign. Below is a case study of web design evolution (from draft to final version) of one of our 2015 projects.

Version 1 (concept)

webdesign concept sample

Version 1.1 (concept)
Changes: logo, “our clients”

b2b v1.1 - webdesign concept by will be coded

Version 2 (concept)

willbecoded designs b2bv2

Version 3 (concept)

design by

Version 4 (concept): Approved

webdesign Vancouver

Of course, there have been many more variations of the “Approved Concept” Version with minor changes – that has resulted in a wonderful “business to business”, responsive website –

Another sample of creative web design for International Academic Students –

Thank you for reading!

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