Hire best PHP Programmers in Vancouver

Vancouver IT services industry is quite considerable. It includes server hosting services with data storage, system integration services, web building and development services, software development, hardware maintenance, internet promotion services, IT consulting and outsource services and many others.

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General Statistics

Total revenues of the Vancouver IT industry work out millions of dollars per year.  Vancouver IT companies are on the top list of fastest growing businesses in Canada. Also, British Columbia based IT businesses are among Canada’s Top 100 employers.

Main players in IT industry are software development companies. They develop software for different businesses from entertainment to oil and gas. One of the most popular languages for web developers is PHP.

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About PHP

PHP (Personal Home Page Language) is one of many programming languages allowing you to create webpages, websites and other internet content.  PHP is suited especially for web development. Being fast and flexible it gained popularity among programmers. People, involved into site development process are called web developers. This profession is well paid and is very favorable in IT industry.

The successful PHP programmer usually is proficient with HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery, knows web-technologies, have experience with software development on a Windows and/or Linux.