How to Reset an Amazon Password

Although Amazon is the biggest IT company in the world – it has a few weak points. #1 – UE (User Experience) – try to reset an Amazon password (something that is done by tens of thousands of people every day):

recover amazon password

Amazon asks for your e-mail because your e-mail is already registered:

amazon account exists+

Amazon recovery method is asking for Zip code:

amazon zipcode password recovery+

If you do not know your past zip or can not remember it – then what are the quick options? Anyone knows a way out?

WELL, if you have changed your address for a few times per year you may not know all that. Resetting and Amazon account password should be easier than it is right now.

  • Franco Berlanga

    ill save you the time and just create a new one. i`ve happened to come across the same problem and i was on the phone for at least 30 mins and was passed around techs multiple times. They can not help you due to their new policies that they can not provide personal information regardless of how many proofs you show them that you are “you” the owner of the account.