Magento Performance Optimization Services

Magento can increase your income, though still requires technical expertise to make sure that your e-commerce solution is running properly and fast. Hire our specialists to make your Magento fly.
Apart from our MPI scan, our Magento experts in Canada can:

  • tweak your Linux server;
  • optimize your MySQL;
  • optimize your Magento web server;
  • tune your PHP-environment;
  • provide useful recommendations and much more.
  • Reverse proxying with Varnish or Nginx

When you running an e-commerce site like Magento it is really important to deliver contents to customers as fast as possible. For this, you can use a reverse proxy server between the Magento web server and your customers. The purpose of the Nginx and Varnish is to save the requests in the cache and send them back to your customers with minimum time. Our team can help tune both of the HTTP proxy servers in a proper way in order to optimize Magento Site Performance.

Nginx / FastCGI

The Nginx is a high-performance web server with the key features to build modern and efficient web infrastructure, outrunning Apache on memory usage. Besides, it is widely recommended for busy Magento apps. Our specialist can implement Nginx as a web server to speed up the Magento scripts even more. Apart from that, we can configure both FastCGI and PHP-FRPM.

VPS Templating

We offer our help to set up a reusable VPS image template which will be equipped with optimization tools to run Magneto at the highest speed (whether it has been pre-installed or installed on-the-fly). An extensive list of optimizations such as memcached, MySQL settings, Redis, PHP accelerator will be set up by default anytime you create a new customer server. TurnKey and Vagrant applications can be used for packing.

Magento code inspection

One of the problems which reduce the speed of your Magento server might be caused by specific code pieces (caching, loops, queries) requiring additional optimization. With a help of tools (such as New Relic and Zend Server Z-Ray) that perform close code investigation, these types of issues can be sorted out very easily. In addition, you will be offered an expert code analysis from our specialists.

MySQL server tuning

In case we find out that the database is a bottleneck, we can help you optimize MySQL for higher performance. For this, we will need to run down the current performance and tune the MySQL configuration, using different shell scripts. We can also help with a MySQL clustering implementation or with a setup of MySQL dedicated server.

Image optimization

When it comes to optimizing your product images, one of the best tools you can use is Nevertheless, this online service deprives you of an opportunity to optimize big amounts of images by flattering your directory- structure. The way our own Yireo Image Optimization API works is pretty much the same as kraken’s (it uses tools like pngcrush and OptiPng), however, it has no limitations of those services.

Redis or memcached implementation

Redis is a data structure server which allows you to move the Magento cache to the Redis database. It has been added to the Magento core since version 1.8 and proved useful in improving the speed of your server. As an alternative, you can apply memcached. Nevertheless, both solutions require the help of good specialists to make sure that everything is implemented safely and properly.

Magento full page caching

Full page cache (FPC) extensions for Magento such as ZoomFPC and Lesti FPS can significantly speed up page load time. If you need help with configuring these solutions, we are here to assist. Our task is to focus on specific configurations including search result pages and layered navigation.

PHP accelerators

PHP accelerators like Zend OPC and APC (both working flawlessly with Magento) can easily optimize PHP-execution. Hire our experts to determine which PHP-accelerator better fits your hosting environment.

Monitoring tools

You need to remember that Magento optimization is done at a certain period of time, while your hosting environment keeps changing constantly. Monitoring tools are important if you want to keep track of the visitor-peaks and to determine which optimization is the best over a longer period. We can help to install Nagios as well as other monitoring tools like NewRelic. As an option, you can also setup remote syslogging (for the UNIX logs to be duplicated to a remote Linux server).

Stress testing

If you roll out an e-commerce website in Magento, you might probably want to find out how robust it is and how much load it can bear. The thing is, Magento shops are usually optimized in accordance with regular traffic scenario. But what happens when a newsletter is sent out? The number of connections increases dramatically, leading to a downtime of your site. In some cases, it even breaks. We can help you out by performing benchmarks on your website as well as server to determine the way your site behaves under various stress levels. Besides, we can present a graph, displaying how the stress test reduced the speed of page load.

A small remark on our focus

Yireo is primarily aimed at building extension tools rather than focusing on custom work. Though, we are glad to help you out as well as give useful recommendations. Due to this fact, our custom work is usually small short-term projects that require a precise insight and formidable knowledge of our guru experts.