How to Hire a Laravel Developer

What is Laravel?

Laravel was created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell to be a free open-source PHP web framework which offered more functionality than other frameworks which were currently available. Laravel is something which was created to help in web development by following an already established pattern of model-view-controller (MVC). It offers certain features to users which include a packaging system which has its own dedicated dependency manager, a new orientation to syntactic sugar, various ways in which relational databases can be accessed, and more.

Laravel was originally created in an attempt to make up for the perceived deficiencies of CodeIgniter by providing more advanced features, such as the built-in support for user authentication that CodeIgniter could not provide. The original Laravel release included built-in support for authentications, models, sessions, and other mechanisms, but this first development was still not a true MVC framework as it lacked the necessary support for controllers.

Why Use Laravel

Why Use Laravel

There are many different reasons to use Laravel, or to hire Laravel developers in Canada, and some of them can be found in the list below:

  • • Laravel has a functional core that can be extended when needed, and is easy to use.
  • • Laravel is a very clean method coding, and offers simple routing for code.
  • • The ORM and database layers offered by the framework are effective when in use
    Laravel is something which is easily integrated with other libraries and third-party frameworks, making it more functional than a framework which cannot do these things. Laravel allows for the use of Composer or Packagist to include libraries in their projects.
  • • Laravel has an active and growing community full of people who can help during any difficulties.
  • • The framework supports test units right away.
  • • Longer-running tasks can be assigned to an Async queue and background jobs.

Common Laravel Development Process

The development of the internet and the associated technology has meant that web development and web frameworks have thrived in recent years. CodeIgniter and other frameworks are still a possibility for people who wish to work in web development, but Laravel has maintained its position as the best framework to use when doing this type of work. Most people who work in web development prefer Laravel because it is so versatile and because it renders the entire process of web development much easier.

Whether it is about using object-oriented libraries or the number of useful extensions, it has always given its fruits of benefits to all those who have used it. But did you ever wonder how does it ease the process of web development? Well, we present to you some of the important reasons that explain how this MVC framework acts as a catalyst in web development.

Laravel has always been able to give many different benefits to whoever used it, whether through the access to object-oriented libraries or through the extensions which can be added, but there are many other ways in which it helps make the process of web development so much easier. The list below includes some of the reasons why:

  • • Easy Authentication
  • • Makes Unit Testing Easier
  • • ORM Models
  • • Simplify The Database
  • • Homestead For A Delightful Experience
  • • Hassle free Database Migrations
  • • Artisan Opens Ample Options
  • • Manage Dependency With Composer
  • • Robustness of Laravel in the Modern World
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What you Should Consider when Hiring a Laravel Developer

There are many people who argue that web development is as much about artistry as it is about the science of the technology involved. Whether or not you believe that, it is important to choose a Laravel development company which sees the aesthetics of a web development project as just as important as its function. When it comes to choosing developers, there are many factors to consider, particularly when it comes to the skillset they can offer you.

However, the most important things to look for are a willingness to listen and engage to what you need for your project, and how you envisage it progressing in the future. Thus, an agency who can offer quality services at a price is reasonable for both the amount of work and the size of the project. Laravel developers should be:

  • • Completely up to date on Laravel and all its recent updates, along with being able to discuss PHP and object orientation.
  • • Able to fully explain the code they are using in your project, as well as the different steps involved in the entire project.
  • • Willing to provide references from previous clients, and examples of some of their work.
  • • Able to provide money estimates and potential time frames (while these may change under some circumstances, the ability to stick to a deadline is something which comes with experience).
  • • As said above, willing to listen.
  • • Is able to be available at times which suit you, and has rates which suit you while also giving a reasonable level of security.

A good way to gauge a developer’s level of skills and experience is to come prepared: ask for a face-to-face (or at the very least a telephone) interview, and come prepared with a list of questions to ask them. Some topics and questions include:

  • Ask them how they are going to approach your project – ask for specific answers.
  • Ask if there are ways besides the one you have specified to reach your intended goal.
  • Ask if they understand what is required of the finished project.
  • Ask them if they can offer ideas for possible expansion and construction.
  • Ask them about their testing procedures.
  • And so on.

What Skills Should a Professional Laravel Developer Have?

A professional Laravel Developer is one who has many skills within his or her own field, up to and including good knowledge of what came before in terms of web frameworks such as CodeIgniter.

  • • PHP web application development, n-Tier architecture
  • • Experience in LAMP
  • • Database development knowledge – SQL and NoSQL database
  • • Object-Oriented software design
  • • PHP\MySQL
  • • Blade Templating
  • • HTML\CSS
  • • Databases – Composer
  • • Dependencies
  • • Enumerated Arrays
  • • Conditional Processing
Common Mistakes a Laravel Developer can Make

Working with Laravel is interesting, but it can also be quite challenging. Mistakes are often made by people who are new to the framework and the activities associated with it. Here are the most common ones:

  • • Not using PDO. PDO is something which is a more up-to-date version of MySQL in that it is not specific to any one extension
  • • Not rewriting URLs. This is one of the most common slip-ups, and how to do it is covered by the framework itself
  • • Being too transparent. Some people can be overconfident in themselves, and tell everyone which framework they used for their project, leading to it being stolen or over-written without their knowledge

How Should you as an Employer Hire a Laravel Developer?

There are certain things that should be done in order to hire the best Laravel developer possible. While many of these are things which would be done with any new employee or freelancer, some are very strictly correlated with web development and other types of technical jobs.

1. Write a clear job advert explaining exactly what you need in a candidate, and what they will be expected to know and do on a daily basis.

2. While CVs are a very useful tool for filtering out unfit candidates, there should be another, equally useful way, of finding out which candidates will suit the job and which will not. Perhaps some form of test could be used, but then there would need to be strict rules in place to prevent cheating.

3. Make sure that you are prepared for the interview for all the technical questions.

4. Conduct the interview in such a way that it fully tests the candidate’s ability to do the job you need them to do.

5. Keep an eye on the employee for a while after he begins work.

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