AdWords Campaign for a Local Construction Company: 11 Tricks

If you are looking for the best way to advertise a construction business, here comes Google AdWords. Generally speaking, AdWords campaigns are the same no matter what company is making use of them – such a campaign consists of several advertising groups which exist within the main campaign, though all of them differ slightly to correlate with slightly different audiences. However, while the basics may be the same for any company, the specifics of each campaign differ based on the differences in each company’s needs and wants. The reasons for having such a campaign in the first place may also be different.

For example, someone who is looking for building and construction services will most likely have some very simple needs in terms of what they are actually looking for, so they will have some correspondingly simple search terms. AdWords for a local construction company, from the other side of the coin, will need to emphasize that they are trustworthy, and so will have different needs based on that. So, if you need more information about how to advertise a small construction company via AdWords, you can find it below.

AdWords Campaign Local Construction Services

Consider Seasons

Having different advertising campaigns for different seasons is quite a common thing, particularly for companies which offer goods that change on a seasonal basis (think of clothing, for example), but AdWords for a construction company is something which particularly needs to take this into account because of the nature of the services they offer. Google AdWords PPC management should ideally have separate advertising campaigns for at least spring/summer and autumn\winter, simply due to the differences in weather conditions which can make it impossible to carry out certain tasks.

Provide Details

Providing as many details as possible is necessary for bringing customers in via the construction company advertisements. Details do not only cover the basics of when and where a company can work – they also include details of the work which can be done, (going back to the last section) what type of work can be done in which season, and so on.

More detailed adverts can also act to bring customers in because the larger amount of information in this type of AdWords for a local construction business can help them to truly decide whether they want to engage services or not. This is a win for the customer because then they do not need to go to a site before they can find out if the service would be a good fit, and also a win for the company, as they do not need to spend money on a lead which will inevitably go nowhere. Moreover, it’s important (when managing AdWords for a building company) to use ad extensions which are free; meanwhile, just 10% of sites use this additional possibilities.

  • Headline – Best Construction Company in Vancouver
  • Description Line 1 – Licensed Agency. Since 2001.
  • Description Line 2 – Call Us Now to Get a Discount
  • Display URL –

The above is a good example of how to advertise a local construction company with such an advert. The headline conveys where the construction company is based, perhaps working in conjunction with the location services in Google AdWords Canada, while the two lines of text give additional information which can help people to make a decision on whether or not to click the link below.

Proper Keyword Use

Using keywords properly is a must for managing this kind of PPC campaign, as it is the keywords which make the advertising campaigns work. Using the right keywords in the first place is useful for PPC for a construction company as it will allow the adverts to appear on the most appropriate searches. Negative keywords are also useful here, as this will keep the adverts from appearing in searches which would not be ultimately profitable for either side.

AdWords Campaign Local Construction Business

Using proper keywords in PPC for a local construction business is important because most companies will be looking for a very specific audience. PPC for construction services will be no different. The use of single keyword groups (using one keyword for a variety of adverts), and grouping keywords properly so that adverts for the company will all form a coherent group within the search results is all part of managing PPC campaigns.

Here are some examples of negative keywords for a local construction company:

  • construction company names
  • construction company business plan
  • construction company logo
  • construction

Location Targeting and Geo Keywords

It depends on the company, but sometimes a company either doesn’t want to or can’t move beyond a certain boundary. An AdWords campaign for a local construction company can do one of two things: it can be set within the campaign itself to only appear on certain searches done within a specific geographical area, or it can be set to only respond to keywords which include geographical terms, such as Vancouver, or Toronto.

  • Construction company Vancouver

Bidding on Brand Names

Companies bidding on their brand names is important for a variety of reasons. The main one is that combining PPC and SEO is something which is greater than the sum of its parts and is therefore extremely useful for whatever company tries it. Bidding on brand names is also useful because it is cheap to do, it makes the other advertising campaigns you have running cheaper, and it keeps competitors from stealing your work.

AdWords Campaign Local Construction Company

Add Social Proof

It is becoming increasingly important to include what is known as social proof. Review sites are becoming more and more popular, meaning that people can go to a site such as Yelp or Google Reviews, or even Facebook nowadays, and leave reviews of the site and how they found it. PPC for local construction companies will do well, and attract more business if they include some of those reviews in their adverts. This will show that they are trustworthy, and also pre-empt people going to review sites, therefore increasing the chances that they will click on the advert.

Tracking Progress: Conversions\Calls

PPC for a building company is all very well, but it is important to keep track of which adverts lead to conversions and calls for services. There are ways to track which adverts led to work, and this tracking can help companies to save money.

Being able to track which conversions are attached to which adverts means that particular advert group is functioning well. On the flip side, knowing which adverts are not performing well means that money can be redirected away from them, and put into more profitable campaigns.

Checking Step

It is important to check that AdWords for a building company actually works as you would expect it to before you launch a campaign. Checking that everything works as it should, that the proper adverts turn up when the associated keywords are used in a search, will lead to an optimized campaign that works as planned.

Landing Page Strategy

Having an appropriate landing page is necessary for the audience that is expected during a campaign. Adwords campaigns for local construction businesses will have a different landing page than one which is perhaps used for construction companies that can travel.

It is also important to remember that different landing pages can be used for different advert groups. One landing page could be an order page, while another can be the homepage of the site.

Your Own Site

It is equally important to make sure that your own site is functioning properly when it comes to advertising campaigns. The best campaign in the world will not help if your site is a mess which does not load, is confusing to the eye, and is not intuitive. Make sure that it is also optimized for use on mobile devices.


Remarketing is a way to bring repeat custom to the site. How it works is by having cookies put onto the computers of people who have visited the site, but have not gone through with ordering anything. The cookies mean that specific adverts will show up on sites which support them, therefore hopefully convincing the potential customers to come back and order.

Additional Information

The tips presented in this article for AdWords for a local construction business (local and otherwise), are all from People who have read the article are welcome to take a free consultation and review concerning their own AdWords campaign, or they can also order a full campaign as run by WBC.

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