11 Actionable AdWords Tips to Promote a Handyman Business

When you are a business owner, there is always a question about how to market a handyman business. A possible answer is an AdWords campaign that allows advertising for handyman services in short time. Google AdWords PPC management is a form of advertising which operates in an opposite method to most other forms of marketing. Where most marketing features people paying money for the advertising they see or have on their site, businesses which use AdWords campaigns when it comes to how to promote a handyman business have to pay a small amount of money out each time somebody clicks on their advertising. This makes it important to only use the campaign in areas where it is most likely to be seen and acted upon appropriately.

How to advertise my handyman business

The way such campaigns work is by using a combination of cookies and significant keywords, and it is a very simple solution for both new businesses which haven’t yet made a mark for themselves on the Internet, and older ones which are trying to edge into a new market or re-establish themselves. AdWords campaigns are specifically meant for search engines, so businesses which do not have a presence in searches (you must be on the first page to be noticed) are given a leg up. An AdWords campaign for a handyman business would benefit the business immensely, as it would allow the different skills and services which a business offers to be shown off.


It is important for AdWords campaigns for handyman services to include as much detail as is possible in their adverts. The adverts may be specified for a certain repair or handyman service, such as door repair, or it might be for a more general purpose of putting the handyman services on the map. Regardless of what specific purpose an advert has, the details for that advert should include a breakdown of services, such as hinge replacement, door hanging, door fitting; contact details for the site, preferably more than two (perhaps an email and a phone number); licensing information, so that potential users can check whether you do in fact provide the handyman services they need. When it comes to how to advertise a small handyman business, these adverts may also benefit from an appeal to the emotional viewpoint of a customer, as that may galvanise them into action.

While space in adverts is normally quite limited, advert extensions give more room to advertise a business online, which means more room to expand on what a business can do, and why it should be chosen over the other businesses on offer. Every professional AdWords management company will agree that having extra space means more chance of advert succeeding, but nearly 90% of companies do not take advantage of this.

  • Within your AdWords ad, reveal all possible information about a company, location info, facts (‘licensed Calgary company’; ‘more than 400 satisfied clients’ etc.); also give brief information about services offered by a company.
  • You can use emotional triggers in an ad to enhance trust (‘We’ll Take Care of Your House To-Do List’). In this case, a client feels like there is someone he can rely on regarding housework.

Moreover, remember thet generalizing when it comes to AdWords handyman services is never good – generalizing is sloppy, and does not convey information accurately enough for an advertising campaign to bring in custom.


While managing AdWords for a handyman repair company, businesses should remember that they have no real control over how an advert appears when it shows up on a search engine – the only thing that is guaranteed is that the headline will be what shows up first. The headline should therefore be carefully crafted, taking into account how to market your handyman business, as it plays the greatest part in ensuring that people click on the adverts they see.

If a business which is using PPC for handyman services chooses to use the advert extension, they will notice two benefits right away. These adverts give the option of an extra headline, as well as lengthening the number of characters which can appear in each headline. As was said in the above section, headlines grab people’s attention – having two means that more information can be highlighted – useful for handy services AdWords which have more than one thing to say.

  • Calgary Best Handyman Services
  • 100% Rated in the Calgary Area!

The focus should still be on the first headline, as it is the one which businesses can be absolutely sure will appear at the top of advert, and be the first thing that potential customers see.

Negative Keywords

AdWords for a handyman business rely on keywords for a large part of their success, as has been mentioned. What is not so commonly known is that these keywords are divided into two sections: positive and negative. While positive keywords govern what triggers an advert to appear, negative keywords act in the opposite manner, by making sure that adverts do not appear in situation where they would be unneeded or unwanted. Negative keywords exist for the purpose of keeping handyman services AdWords campaigns away from searches where they would actively lose money.

Negative keywords, in this case, would most likely be the more general terms which go with AdWords for a handyman company, such as the word ‘handyman’ itself (as it is often googled for getting information about the meaning and not to find handyman services). Remember that every time an advert is clicked, the business which is running the campaign needs to pay out a small fee: if negative keywords aren’t used, then there is potential for a lot of lost revenue in the form of people clicking on adverts when they are in fact looking for services which either are not offered at all by the company in question, or are offered, but at a significantly higher price than the potential client is willing to pay.

How to market a handyman business


Sitelinks are another addition which can be made to effective handyman advertising, and should definitely be looked into when businesses are learning how to advertise handyman services. Where most adverts only offer one way of looking at the site in question, sitelinks extensions allow businesses to put multiple links into their adverts, giving potential customers a multitude of ways onto their site.

Sitelinks can be used to give a greater understanding of the business, by giving potential customers access to more information than would otherwise be possible. These same sitelinks could also be used as a way of showing how useful and reliable the service truly is.

Sitelinks can serve as a representation of your company via a site, where a link is equal to a page on your site; it shows the example below.

How to promote a handyman business. Sitelinks

As well, sitelinks can be focused mainly on your handyman services, like these four groups:

  • Windows & Doors | Flooring
  • Electrical | Carpentry

Advanced Location Settings

Location settings allow adverts and the search engines which host them to determine whether or not they should appear on any particular search. In this way, they work as an extension of keywords.

There are two different types of location settings which can be used in managing PPC campaigns – a business can either use keywords which ensure that their adverts only appear when specific geographic locations are entered into the search engine, or the settings of the adverts themselves can be tweaked so that they only appear on searches within a certain geographical area.

In the case of handyman advertising, location services help the business reach customers and potential customers in a certain location, therefore helping the business to save money over all, as these potential customers will most likely be ones which are needing services.

Call to Action

When it comes to learning how to advertise a handyman business, knowledge about how to properly incorporate a call to action is one of the most important parts. A call to action is exactly that: it calls potential customers to take action, whatever that action might be. It could be to place an order, to place a call, or to pass on information about the advert and the services offered. A call-to-action is perhaps one of the most important parts of an advert, as potential customers will be more likely to act if they are shown a way to do so.

Here are some examples:

  • Hire A Handyman For Your Home Now.
  • Call Us Now For Free Estimate!
  • Save 15% When Call Us Today! (Call to action with a special offer)
  • A call to action can also include an emotional trigger: Don’t Worry, Call Handyman Services Today!

Review Extensions

Handyman advertisements are commonly associated with sites which also offer customer testimonials\a link to the appropriate page on a review site as a means of instilling trust in customers, as reviews work to give customers a sense of the business’ reliability and stability.

Review extensions mean that, rather than having to physically move to either a testimonial page or a review site, customers can view reviews on the adverts themselves. The extensions allow businesses to choose whichever review they want, and they can also choose whether to directly quote it or simply paraphrase it, so long as it is linked back to the published review.

Good reviews can push people into becoming customers, therefore they can directly increase conversions.

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing is a form of marketing which aims to bring people back to a site if they have previously abandoned their order on there, by seeding their computer with cookies that allow them to show specific adverts. Dynamic remarketing goes somewhat further than this by specifically showing these customers adverts which involve the goods and services they were set to order before they left the site.

Our steps within advertising for handyman services have shown a huge increase in conversions since we have begun to use dynamic remarketing. The combination of dynamic remarketing with lists of particular clients who did not end up finishing their orders has led to greatly increased accuracy in remarketing campaigns, as the lists allow for remarketing campaigns to be targeted very specifically according to age, gender, and interests, as well as what they were ordering\looking at before they left the site entirely.

Call Extensions

Call extensions are extra which can be added onto adverts, particularly AdWords campaigns for a handyman repair company which are placed onto mobile searches, as people use mobile devices differently. The ways in which mobile device use differs from desktop, and how that affects advertising, is something which could be discussed at length.

Suffice it to say that people often use mobile devices in searches which they need an answer to NOW, right now. Giving people the means to instantly place a call to a repair site will boost the likelihood that they will become a customer.

How to advertise a handyman business

Conversion and Calls Tracking

Tracking is important for all aspects of AdWords for handyman services, as it is this which allows companies to know what adverts are bringing in the most conversions, and which are not. Call tracking works the same way, as it allows companies to see which calls are from people who have seen adverts.

This information allows companies to shift the budget around, taking money away from less profitable campaigns, and pouring it into the ones which are successful.

Campaign Testing

Campaign testing refers to the process of making sure that every step of an AdWords handyman service advertising campaign works exactly as it should. It means that every single advert is checked multiple times for any errors, and to see how it looks when it appears on a search. Each advert should be checked with various texts (the best way is to have 5 variants for a testing process), to see which ones look the best, and which seem to be the most inspiring or informative.

Something which is often overlooked, sadly, is the need for a business to check their own site before launching a campaign. Handyman services AdWords advertising works give the best results when the site it is attached to delivers on what the adverts promised. When solving an issue of how to advertise a handyman business, one should make sure that every link on their site works, and that the site itself is easy to navigate.

Additional information

Free reviews of advertising campaigns are available by appointment from Willbecoded.ca, or, if businesses prefer, we can set up an entirely new campaign. We know almost everything about Google AdWords in Canada generally and about how to promote a handyman business particularly. So, we are waiting for your call if you want to grow your business!

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